Listen to This

Now when we craft we don’t just sit there in silence, right? So, why not share what we listen to when we’re in the crafting mood. If anyone knows me they know how passionate I can get about the music I listen to. As a young girl it was the Backstreet Boys, as an angsty teen  it was Dashboard Confessional, and beyond that, John Mayer. Another one of my big music loves is Glen Hansard. I first discovered this amazing musician when I saw the film he created with Marketa Irglova, Once. If you haven’t seen the movie or listened to the soundtrack for it, do yourself a favour and do it now. When you’re done with that, and trust me you’ll want to listen to that 1000 times, buy Hansard’s latest album Rhythm and Repose.

A couple of tracks really stand out to me on the album, High Hope and Philander. Hansard has always been able to evoke so much emotion in his work with beautiful lyrics and a powerful voice. It very much comes out in these two songs. Let’s not even get into his live performances as they are not of this world and need to be experienced in person.

Go ahead, have a listen. Let me know what you think!

Love, Emily