Spreading Holiday Cheer

It was recently one of my good friend’s birthdays so I asked him what he wanted. It was simple, he asked for a Christmas self-tie bow tie. I rose to the challenge and found some creepy Santa fabric to complete my task. Martha Stewart was kind enough to provide me with a template for the bow tie. You can find that here. It was super simple to make which made it an enjoyable project.

Here’s the final result:

You can use any quilting fabric your heart desires so the possibilities are endless!

Hope you try this at home!

Happy sewing!

Love, Emily

The Bookshelf

Hi Everyone!

It’s Wednesday already and that means it’s time for another selection from my bookshelf! Last week I featured a book full of sweet treats, so I thought this week I would feature a book more on the savoury and spicy side.

Everyday Indian is an extremely delicious and accessible guide to Indian cooking, written by Bal Arneson.  Bal is a chef, Food TV personality, and cook book author becoming increasingly well known for her tasty and un-intimidating Indian recipes.

Everyday Indian is a great book worth owning.  There are many vegetarian options in this book, as well as many vegan friendly recipes.  Indian food uses many legumes and vegetables often making it a very balanced choice for people going meatless or meat-reduced.

I have made the lentil soup.  So easy, healthy, and delicious!

I also made homemade paneer cheese using Bal’s book. I substituted goat milk in for cow’s due to allergies.

Bal’s website features some recipes that are free to try.  Check them out!

Everyday Indian is not Bal’s most recent book but it is the one I own and love. You can pick up this book at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

If you are curious about starting to cook Indian food this is a great place to start!

Happy cooking!


Hello world!

This is the blog of two long time friends and crafters, Emily Berney and Emma Sturgeon. Finally realizing that we needed a way to share crafting, baking, and cooking ideas, we started a blog to do just that.

This blog will be a space for sharing ongoing knitting and crochet projects as well as other adventures in crafting.  We will also share baking and cooking ideas.

Thanks for reading!


Em & Em