Goat Cheese Lasagna

Hi everyone!

I made this veggie lasagna with my sister a little while ago. I am allergic to cow’s milk so we used a combination of two types of goat cheese instead.

President’s Choice goat milk mozzarella.


President’s Choice soft unripened herbed goat cheese.



We layered this with oven ready noodles, zucchini, and rich tomato sauce.

Needless to say, it was delicious!

Happy Cooking!



The Bookshelf

Hi everyone!

This week has been exceptionally busy and distracting, so I will keep this week’s post very short and sweet.

I do not have this book so I cannot attest to its awesomeness…but it looks pretty awesome.

The Sexy Vegan Cookbook. On my list of books to try!

Get it at Amazon or Indigo/Chapters.

Happy reading!


The Bookshelf

Hi Everyone!

What a week! If you’re like me you’re probably still recovering from late night election watching.

As the dust settles after the election, I find myself inspired by all things American and found this cute book of all American recipes. I don’t own this book, but it looks like fun (and full of great recipes too).

Find it on Amazon. Try it and let me know what you think!

Happy post-election day to all our American readers, and happy reading!


The Bookshelf

Hi Everyone!

We’re coming up to the busy holiday season. I thought I would tell you about a book that can get you from Monday to Friday without having to wonder what to make for dinner.

Canadian Living’s Everyday Favorites is excellent. This book is full of simple recipes that cover all types of diets and tastes.

The Tabouleh salad recipe makes a huge batch and its so good!

If you’re a meat eater there are some delicious stir fry and pasta repicpes as well.

You can grab this book on Amazon or Indigo/Chapters.

Happy Cooking!



Fabric Friday!

Hey all!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a post for Fabric Friday so I have a great print for you to make up for it!

This fabric is from Sis Boom by Jennifer Paganelli. It is from the beautifully designed and intricate West Indies line. The print I chose is called Velentina a vibrant floral with a bright yellow background to bring some life into the dark rainy days before us.

I love the vintage feeling it has. I would love to see this as a skirt in the spring! It would also look great in a quilt with other prints from the West Indies line.

I also came across this picture of matryoshka dolls made from other Jennifer Paganelli prints. They’re so cute! Gives me some ideas…

(click the picture to find the original poster of these wonderful dolls!)

What would you make with this fabric? Let us know in the comments!

Love, Emily

Wish List

When I was in high school something magical happened: our cable provider added the Food Network to our services. Since then I’ve been hooked on cooking and baking shows and can’t seem to stop. In my early Food Network endeavours, I was introduced to the one and only Naked Chef, aka Jamie Oliver. I don’t know if it’s his British charm or his good food but I just can’t seem to get enough of him. Most recently his food adventures took him around his home country in his series Jamie’s Great Britain.

Along with the show Oliver has also released a book with the recipes featured in the television series. I may be a vegetarian but even I can appreciate the variety of meaty recipes in this book. It’s always a delight to watch Jamie Oliver on TV and his books are just as fantastic. He puts a lot of love in his work and it shows. That’s why Jamie’s Great Britain is on my wish list this year!

Happy reading and eating!

Love, Emily

The Bookshelf

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday!

This week’s selection is not a book, but a magazine (actually, a whole series of magazines).

Food Heaven is a British magazine series that is absolutely wonderful. The magazine runs several different series including…

Baking Heaven 

Cake Decorating Heaven


Cup Cake Heaven

The photos in these magazines are fantastic. They are bold, bright, showing lots of detail. These magazines have page after page of truly inspiring designs and recipes.

Some of the recipes are intricate and detailed and may not fit into the busy baker’s schedule. At the very east these magazines are filled with eye candy!

Happy Baking,


Listen to This

Now when we craft we don’t just sit there in silence, right? So, why not share what we listen to when we’re in the crafting mood. If anyone knows me they know how passionate I can get about the music I listen to. As a young girl it was the Backstreet Boys, as an angsty teen  it was Dashboard Confessional, and beyond that, John Mayer. Another one of my big music loves is Glen Hansard. I first discovered this amazing musician when I saw the film he created with Marketa Irglova, Once. If you haven’t seen the movie or listened to the soundtrack for it, do yourself a favour and do it now. When you’re done with that, and trust me you’ll want to listen to that 1000 times, buy Hansard’s latest album Rhythm and Repose.

A couple of tracks really stand out to me on the album, High Hope and Philander. Hansard has always been able to evoke so much emotion in his work with beautiful lyrics and a powerful voice. It very much comes out in these two songs. Let’s not even get into his live performances as they are not of this world and need to be experienced in person.

Go ahead, have a listen. Let me know what you think!

Love, Emily

Christmas Time is Near…

Hey everyone!

Emily here, I’ve been MIA for a while due to work but I’m back! Hope all is well. I’ve been working on some Christmas ornaments to sell at the TIFF Shop at the TIFF Bell Lightbox!

This is the first style that I completed; tiny presents!

These little guys were so quick to put together and fun to make!

I think the different colours will really pop on Christmas trees.

What colours do you like on your tree?

Does anybody else have holiday projects on the go? Please share if you do!

Let me know what you think. Happy crafting!

Love, Emily